Enjoy the entire opening round of Top Fuel Nitro Motorcycle from the Man Cup Spring Cup At South Georgia Motorsports park as the unpredictability of drag racing is highlighted as 19-time champion and world record holder Larry “Spiderman” McBride is dealt his first opening round loss in more that 15 years! We begin with Mitch Brown, who chooses to simply break the beam with his wounded Nitro Drag Bike after his scheduled first round opponent Sverre Dahl of Norway destroyed his motor in qualifying and was unable to make the call. Next it’s the hard charging Yellow Bullet of Dave Vantine, also on a competition single after the Nitro Harley of Don Becker could not fire his motorcycle. Yes ladies and gentlemen this ultra expensive form of racing is often a war of attrition, especially without the presence of major corporate sponsors for these teams simply doing it for the love of the sport.

The attention then turns to the ever dominant No. 1 qualifier Larry “SpiderMan” McBride who takes on last qualifier, 67-year-old veteran Chris Hand and his “Redneck Express” bike from Alabama. On paper few expected a competitive race as McBride qualified with a 5.83 at 250 mph, while Hand’s best run was a 14.48 at 66 mph. But let us not forget just getting down the track in Nitro Top Fuel Dragster or Motorcycle racing is a major feat alone. You have to love the unpredictability.
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