2017-10-22, Buttonwillow Raceway, AFM Motorcycle Road Racing Videos.

Motorcycle Racing Videos, MRV, Presents:

AFM Road Racing at the Buttonwillow Raceway near Bakersfield, Ca. This is a compilation of road racing videos taken throughout the day and then edited to appear as one race. This road race features Brett Voorhees and Marc Edwards battling neck and neck through the who motorcycle race. With only one camera, I had to take race videos from one corner in one racing heat then take a series of pictures from another corner across the track. It sure was a lot of fun watching these motorcycles going through the corners leaning so much farther than the motorcycles back in my old days. So, you too may be in this racing video. Have a nice day, C. Jeff Dyrek

P.S. Both Brett Voorhees and Marc Edwards had the exact same number of points and this was the last race in the year making it the tie breaker between these two racers. Marc won the race by a hair, it was close and it was fast. Brought to you by Motorcycle Racing Videos

Motorcycle Road Racing in California, in America and in the United States.


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