2021-04-24 Open Amateur Heat 2 Motorcycle TT Race, Full Race, Dirt Bike Racing, Macomb, Illinois

Motorcycle Racing Videos Presents: The Open Amateur Heat 2 full race TT Race at the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle Club in Macomb, Illinois. The Lamoine Ramblers has been racing motorcycles for 81 years this year, 2021. Motorcycle racing is an educational sport, both road racing and dirt bike racing, that’s why we all need to promote racing to all ages.

Motorcycle Racers:

3 Chase Anderson
32 Luke Crouse
66 Chaz Parker
70p Declan Bender
97 Damon Brown
95 Mason Krog

Video Crew:
Producer – C. Jeff Dyrek
Videographer 1 – Emily Guilliams
Videographer 2 – Lexi Guilliams

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