Super Motocross Madness. These Motorcycles are FAST. Motocross Racing, Motocross Races MX

Motorcycle Racing Videos Presents: Super Motocross Madness at Sunset Ridge Motocross Track. These MX bikes are super fast and their racers are too. From a riders point of view, I like the MX racing the best. From a spectators point of view, I like the Stadium Motocross the best. From a racing crew member, I like Road Racing the best. From a couch potato point of view, I love all of the motorcycle racing. From your point of view, you tell me in the comments what kind of racing you like the best.

Video Crew:
Producer – C. Jeff Dyrek
Videographer 1 – Emily Guilliams
Videographer 2 – Lexi Guilliams

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