Motorcycle Found on the Side of the FREEWAY! {Ft. Dankwheelie}

It is not everyday that multiple riders engines are all shutting off and we have to leave a bike on the side of the freeway and find it later. AJ took a hard spill when his motor shuts off while riding a wheelie down the highway at ESR’s Streets don’t sleep ride!

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This ride to grab something to eat was cursed from the very start. Dankwheelie was already unsure of his bike at the first stop and sure enough I ended up towing him and his Kawasaki 636 for miles down the freeway until we got to a safe place where we could load it into a truck. The madness was not over from there however. AJ’s motorcycle turned itself off from the cam chain sensor on the front of the engine being shorted out by his fan hitting it. He got flung over his bike and had to hide it in a forest until the truck was back from the lot. All in all I had a good time but was already feeling shaky about the ride in the first place so took it easy and called it a early day! Hope you all enjoyed this motovlog and please like, comment, share and subscribe! Much love Brian 636

About Brian 636- Stunt Riding motorcycles, sport bikes, Harley Davidson or anything on two wheels is what I love to do. Explaining how to wheelie, stoppie, drift or how to do burnouts on your bike, is what I love to do! Riding wheelies, racing, stunt rides, drifting, motorcycle stunts, or street riding, evertime I ride any kind of bike, it makes me feel alive. Currently stunting on a 2004 636 Kawasaki Ninja street bike, a 2009 Harley 1200, and a Honda Grom!
If you like cool motovlogs and a fun new taste on the sport bike scene, you have come to the right channel for all you motorcycle questions and how to videos! Being a motovlogger that pushes the limits on stunt riding and bikes is all part of the lifestyle!
brian_636 has been on bikes all over the United States of America and has close ties with some of the best out there from Chicago United riders, Blox Starz, Dankwheelie, Streetfighterz, CBear, and many more riders from across the Streets of America!


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