Dave Schultz NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Helmet Cam Video

12 years ago today, February 11, 2001, the world lost one of the greatest motorcycle drag racers that ever graced the sport! Dave Schultz! To this day he remains the winningest driver in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle history with 45 wins! To say that Dave was an innovator was an understatement! His contributions to the sport of motorcycle drag racing are felt to this day! I was fortunate to know Dave on a more personal level. He invited me into his family with open arms. His son, the late Brian Schultz, was my crew chief for most of my NHRA racing career. Brian & I also had a special friendship. We were brothers! I love and miss him. After his father passed, Brian shared some of Dave’s helmet cam video with me. I’ve kept it in my archives over the years. Today, in honor of The Man, Dave Schultz, I’d like to share some of it with you. I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you would, please share some of your best Dave Schultz memories under this post! Thanks for all that you gave us Dave! God Speed! Dave Schultz, May 15, 1948- February 11, 2001.


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