BEST motorcycle fail compilation,funny compilation, wtf moment (AUGUST 2016)#1 | motovlog indonesia

BEST motorcycle fail compilation,funny compilation, wtf moment (AUGUST 2016)#1 | motovlog indonesia

english version by google translate :

hallo youtube back together nihkitawheelie herein, this video contains
-fail compilation
-random compilation
-funny compilation
-wtf moment
essentially contains a compilation of compilation during the meetup , satmori , sunmori and others so … enjoy this video guys : D

halo youtube kembali lagi bersama nihkitawheelie disini, video kali ini berisi tentang
-fail compilation
-random compilation
-funny compilation
-wtf moment
pokoknya berisi kompilasi kompilasi selama meetup, satmori, sunmori dan lain-lain so…enjoy this video guys πŸ˜€

i love ride πŸ™‚
all about my world
lets ride with me πŸ™‚


Bike : 2008 honda supra x 125
Helmet : KYT vendetta 2
Glove : Scoyco MX14, BI-OS
Jacket : Nevada Bike edition, catenzo hoddie, honda safety jacket
protector : FOX protector
Shoes : 7gear sportmax, catepillar safety shoes
Cam : brica bpro5 AE

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