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Check out Tim’s coaching: http://www.timcolemanx.com/ Tim Coleman is a top trials rider and enduro rider, representing Australia three times at the Trials Des Nations.
Tim Coleman is from Australia and dirt rides hard enduro events like the Red Bull Sea to Sky using his trials skills on his Beta RR300 enduro bike. Tim says trials riding is all about precision with balance, throttle and clutch control, whilst getting your bike up some epic obstacles. And be warned, it’s addictive! If you want to take your enduro skills to the next level, think about getting a trials bike, and get some balance into your life.

Tim Coleman coaching: http://www.timcolemanx.com
Tim Coleman stunt shows: https://www.tctrickz.com/

Cross training is the application of Trials-based skills to Dirt riding, and it’s got solid backing from the world’s top riders like Tim Coleman.

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According to Graham Jarvis, “going fast is the easy bit. It’s going slowly that will help you develop control. Simple riding exercises which are actually difficult to perform can give you a lot of control.” Tim Coleman agrees!
Tim Coleman plans to fly out from Australia and ride hard enduro events like Romaniacs and the Red Bull Sea to Sky because he has applied his trials riding to extreme enduro technique. Like to know more? Learn how to apply trials skills like this with our free training vids from Cross Training Enduro Skills.

Trials riders like Tim Coleman can entertain themselves for hours with just one or two obstacles, practising existing techniques or learning new ones that they can then transfer to the dirt bike. It’s these skills that make top extreme enduro riders such a formidable force when the terrain gets tough. Tim has spent the past few years adapting his trials skills to enduro, which has led to stunt riding in movies, international coaching and his own stunt shows in Australia. Have a look at some of the best extreme Enduro riders in action like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Chris Birch and Taddy Blazusiak. They are all former trials champions who have won extreme Enduro events by applying their trials training to Dirt riding. They ride in a way that is so smooth and effortless that you often can’t see how fast or good they are until they fly past struggling riders or sail up near vertical slopes.

Tim Coleman is a sage in the world of trials and enduro, boasting an impressive 15+ years of experience. And he doesn’t stop at that. He still actively participates in trials competitions and enduro races around the world and constantly refines his art of two wheeling in the most gnarly and technical terrains one can possibly ride in. He also coaches students around the world and does motorcycle stunt shows!

Born in Glenmaggie, a magnificent rural part of Australia, Tim Coleman was destined to explore it by becoming a motorcycle rider. He started young when he just turned four years old. His initial choice of two-wheeling was motorcross. He loved it and practiced every day on the farm where he was living. Soon, however, Tim Coleman discovered the art of mototrials and that led to a total immersion into the sport for the years to come.
Trials gave Tim Coleman a chance to discover and conquer a much wider range of obstacles and more gnarly terrain that his birthplace was flourishing with. Being able to hone his trials skills by leveraging all this natural goodness, the young athlete soon started to win one trials event after another. Challenged by the rest of trials wizards at Trial des Nations six times gave an increddible opportunity to Tim to learn from the best in the sport and to incorporate many tricks into his own riding style. He continued to push his limits by everyday trials practice and by participating in as many trials competition as possible. Victories started to line up. Just in 2015 Coleman claimed Indoor X Trial and Victorian Trial championships. His talent was noticed and Tim Coleman became a member of national Australian team competiting in Trial des Nations.


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