Motorcycle CRASHES Highway WHEELIE Gone Bad Street Bike Stunts CRASH Riding WHEELIES Accident

INSANE Motorcycle Crashes Riding Long Highway Wheelies Gone Bad Caught On Video Tape! Street bike crash during middle of the map MOM street stunt bike ride In Kansas City, MO! Street bike crash stunter rides long highway wheelie caught on camera from 2 different angles. Watch as stunt bike rider gets owned in epic fail accident while performing illegal bike stunts riding wheelie on the highway. The biker is riding a highchair wheelie when the sport bike shuts off unexpectedly in the middle of the trick at high speeds causing the stunt bike rider to mouse trap and fly over the handlebars. This then causes huge crash on busy highway in heavy traffic. The motorcycle seen wrecking in this video is a 2003 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 ZX6R custom build an setup from performing stunts and tricks as seen in this video footage. This video clip serves as a great reminder to always wear all the proper protective safety gear while doing motorcycle stunts or just riding a motorcycle such as full face helmet, leather or mess jacket, back or spin protective vest or jacket, & riding gloves because as you can see in this video something can go wrong in the blink of eye causing even the best stunt bike riders to crash.

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