How to Make Amazing Vending Machine with Motorcycle

How to make amazing vending machine with motorcycle from cardboard at home. I hope you like this idea and design. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

You need:
– Cardboard
– 9v battery
– DC motors
– Rubber band
– Plastic gears
– Switch
– Ice-cream stick
– BBQ bamboo stick
– Pens
– Coca Cola can
– Bicycle spoke
– Electric wire and battery connector wire

Cardboard Measurement:
(cm = centimeter)
2cm x 13cm = 1 piece
5cm x 40cm = 1 piece
7cm x 22cm = 4 pieces
7cm x 29,5cm = 2 pieces
15cm x 22cm = 2 pieces
19cm x 22cm = 2 pieces
20cm x 45cm = 2 pieces
22cm x 30cm = 1 piece


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