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По СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВУ пиши в Instagram👉: Также по СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВУ пиши на [email protected] Канал влоговый “GROLife” : Канал Дани “Daniel Gro” : Канал c нёрфами “NerfSHOW” : Instagram ДАНИ: Instagram ТИШИ: Instagram МАМЫ: Instagram ПАПЫ : source

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Fantastic action video moments about Tim Kuleshov and his achievements from one to seven years old! How he rides motorcycles, bike, balance bike, ATV, go-kart! Official Video 1-7 years 00:01 LETs GO!!! 00:07 balance bike Strider 00:11 bicycle Specialized HotRock 12 00:17 kids bicycle Cube 16 00:19 motorcycles mini bike Blata 2.5 00:29 pocket bike …

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