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INSANE Motorcycle Crashes Riding Long Highway Wheelies Gone Bad Caught On Video Tape! Street bike crash during middle of the map MOM street stunt bike ride In Kansas City, MO! Street bike crash stunter rides long highway wheelie caught on camera from 2 different angles. Watch as stunt bike rider gets owned in epic fail …

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Top 6 Girl On Motorcycle FAILS Compilation Biker Girls Tandem Riding FAIL Wheelie Performing 2up Bike Stunts Videos Caught On Camera! Motorcycle wheelies gone wrong with girls riding tandem while doing 2up motorcycle stunts on the highways, streets, & roads in USA United States Of America. Watch as girls on motorcycles get owned while wheeling …

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Motorcycle showoff crashes in African village while attempting a wheelie. Extreme stunt gone wrong! Subscribe to ManOnTheStreet.TV for more funny videos, fail videos, extreme sports, and stunts gone wrong. source

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